• Guy Wade

**STOP PRESS** Your reassurance during lockdown.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hello everyone. I thought it was time to post an update from the office at home. So far during the virus outbreak, my family and I remain fit and well. I really hope that you, my clients, and future clients are faring well too.

Yes, we are in unprecedented times. Very stressful for brides and bridegrooms-to-be who have upcoming weddings. I am here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact me should you want any advice. I have had four brides contact me to re-arrange their wedding dates so far. I am delighted to say I have been able to accommodate each of them. And of course it’s important to know there will be no charge for this. We’re all in this together. Reports of profiteering in certain retail outlets are disappointing to hear. So, if you have any concerns do contact me by phone, email or text.

Already this week, apart from re-arranged dates, I have taken deposits from new brides for late Summer / early Autumn, and for 2021. And closer to home I set up the “Neighbours Action Group” where enthusiastic neighbours have volunteered to help anyone in our road with needs for shopping, prescriptions, or just a chat. Great community spirit I’m pleased to say.

We have had a neighbours' Facebook page for our road since 2016 when we held a Queen's ninetieth birthday street party. About half the road had signed up for the page back then, we now have 80% for the support group which is great, relevant communication and motivation. And this morning I have delivered envelopes of my champion sunflower seeds to neighbours (mainly those with children) for a little growing project and competition later this year. All packaged and delivered in a safe and socially distanced fashion.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, lets stay fit, mentally and physically, respect the Government’s social distancing and other directions, and no panic buying! We will get though this - but it could be a while yet. Stay safe everyone...

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