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A Return to England. End of March, 2024.

Updated: Mar 31

Guy is now back in England for his toast mastering duties, after an adventure through India, Nepal, California and Miami. Setting off on 2nd January, Guy, his wife Lynne, older son Alex and sister Penny set off for Delhi to begin a tour of the Golden Triangle. Delhi was a shock to the senses, the sights, sounds and smells. Despite visiting a number of Third world countries, nothing prepares you for Delhi!

The Golden Temple at Amritsar was next, followed by Chandigarh - Le Corbusier city. Back to Delhi and onto Agra for the Taj Mahal and a monkey attack! Fortunately the monkey was not harmed when it attacked me!

Onto Jaipur, the pink city. Then safari at Ranthambore, where we were lucky to see tigers in the wild, including a female who was stalking for a hunt at a watering hole - she had success with a deer for herself and three cubs. My older son and sister then returned to the UK.

Lynne and I went onto Pushkar in Rajasthan, a spiritual place. Udaipur was next, the setting for James Bond's Octopussy filmed in 1982. Time to chill out in Benaulin, Goa, where we hired scooters to explore, and swam in warm seas. Here we saw one of three Indian weddings on the beach. We went inland to Mysore after this, known for its fantastic palace and resident elephants. Then on to Chennai, the old Madras. Next up was the old French colonial town of Pondicherry. Close by was Auroville, a city where "people from all nations live in peace and harmony" to live spiritual lives in search of human unity. Looked very appealing...

Next move was to the very south of India; Trivandrum, Kovallam and Kollam, where we explored the backwaters.

In seven weeks and two days we had explored india by train, plane and automobile. But also by bike, cycle rickshaw, scooter, canoe, boat, bus and coach, and many, many TukTuks (auto rickshaws). The food was superb, as were the temples, culture and history, and we managed to avoid Delhi belly!

Next up was a flight to Katmandhu, Nepal, a bit more liberal than India. Stunning scenery in Pokhara and we enjoyed a day trek to Australian camp, before returning to Katmandhu and a return to London. But only for three days.

Time to visit our younger son in California. He is a professional pickleball player so we saw him play at Sacramento. A chance for a couple of games of golf, then a week in Miami and then more pickleball at the Miami convention centre. In all this time we saw no rain in India or Nepal, but got hit on return to London and then again in Miami where floods arrived just after Springbreak and "music week". Miami is something else, loud, brash, over the top and with the smell of legalised (and illegal) Cannabis everywhere.

Anyway, I am now looking forward to returning home and can't wait to start toastmastering my many events this year; mostly weddings, but with a Remembrance Sunday, awards ceremonies, masonic Ladies' nights and annual dinners too.

Get in touch with Guy for a no-obligation Zoom to secure your date. He will walk you through the event, offering advice and bringing it to life. Here you will see the value in having a multi-award winning Professional Toastmaster taking control of your day, in the style, feel and atmosphere you want. Guests will feel welcomed, at ease, will be in the right place at the right time, but much more than this, everything Guy does including announcements is carried out with style and charisma, hugely raising the feel good factor. It takes all the worries away. So contact Guy for a chat, the most reassuring decision you can make for your event.


07856 735853

Upminster based, covering London, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire,Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, and beyond.

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