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Another surprise last month was winning my second award this year! The first was for my Toastmastering services for London (East) region. The second was being awarded The Prestige Awards Host of the year, London and South-East (London) for 2022. I was particularly pleased to be acknowledged for my service excellence in providing a personalised, tailored service, and for my advice and support, They have also acknowledged the quality of the many reviews I have been honoured to receive.

Thankyou to Prestige Awards, and I look forward to the Awards event later this year in London.

April is getting busy and I am looking forward to weddings in Kent, Essex, London and Herts. Earlier in March I was delighted to be the toastmaster at a large Indian wedding at the Meridian Grand in North London. With 750 guests it was a spectacular, happy and loving day, with a beautiful bride and handsome bridegroom, the bridegroom arriving on horseback! The photo below is not of that wedding, but another lovely Indian wedding a couple of years back. I'm looking forward to toastmastering masonic Ladies festivals soon, which are always a great night out, as well as corporate and sports club dinners.

Don't hesitate to contact me for advice on your wedding or other event. I always offer a no-obligation virtual meeting on Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp video.

Stay safe,

Guy Wade, Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters.

M: 07856 735853


Facebook: @toastmasterguy

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