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January 2022

Well, we made it into the new year! Mine was a lovely, unusual Christmas and new year spent in Louisiana and Texas. There are no toastmasters to speak of in the USA, more's the pity!

Its been a really encouraging start to 2022, with lots of enquiries each week, and bookings for my professional services. Brides and Bridegrooms are optimistic for the future, as am I.

That's not to ignore the elephant in the room, though. Omicron put the cat amongst the pigeons and this new strain of Covid-19 showed how infectious it could be. Hopefully we are now past the peak. It throws into sharp relief, though, the worries for brides, bridegrooms and any professional putting on events. My response is the guarantee I give to honour any events that have to change date due to coronavirus, with new dates being accommodated without charge. This happened a lot in 2020/21. I have number of events from then moved to this year.

Looking ahead, I have a return to a very large annual dinner in February at the InterContinental in Park Lane, with weddings starting very soon. I am so looking forward to being part of these joyous occasions.

I am delighted to be back at the Essex Wedding fair at Unit 7, Basildon on Sunday 20th February. This is the largest free wedding exhibition in Essex, and is open from 11am-4pm. Free parking on site. Come along to meet me and talk with me, and other excellent suppliers who will make your day.

Thats it for now, folks. Save to say, for a matchless service, look no further than toastmasterguy. Check out my testimonials, video, photos and more info on my website. I look forward to your call!


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Photo: Leading the Act of Remembrance at Basingstoke Remembrance Sunday, 2021.

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